Joseph Conover 是一名 Greenhaus GFX 的3D艺术家,他创造了几个高知名度的电影宣传、片头、片尾动画。如:《神奇女侠》、《XXX:极限特工》、《银河护卫队2》等。当他走进这个行业,拿起其他的创意工具创作时,约瑟夫发现在工作流程方面,Blender常常给了他优势。

Joseph Conover is a 3D artist at Greenhaus GFX, where he created graphics for several high profile film credit sequences such as Wonder Woman, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and more. As he stepped into the industry and picked up other creative tools, Joseph found that Blender often gave him an edge in terms of workflow.


Patty Jenkins( 神奇女侠的制片 )认为,影片中有很多大场景并有一些振奋人心的战斗场面( 亚马逊人和神奇女侠的家 ),所以根据我老板 Jason Doherty 绘制的原画进行了3D Projected 投射技术。

Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman’s director) thought that many scenes in our sequence were too warlike and wanted some uplifting moments, so I 3D projected this view of Themyscira (home to Wonder Woman and the Amazons) based on a painted version created by my boss, Jason Doherty.



This was one of the environments I got to develop from start to finish. It was a mix of kitbashing and modeling in Blender. The whole process only took me an afternoon to finish because I was able to quickly duplicate the pieces and fill in the space. This scene was also repurposed in different shots throughout the sequence.




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从来没有哪款软件愿意像它一样提供一套完整创作流程的解决方案,也从来没有人想过软件本应该如此。Blender 正是这样一款默默无闻,为此付出了不懈努力并付诸了实际行动的孤独强者。从你尝试它直到熟悉了它的操作习惯之后,你再也离不开它先进的创作理念,也会被它先进的技术而深深的震撼。作为唯一款无需破解,无需安装,内置上百款强大插件的三维动画创作套件来说,Blender无疑是最低调的一款。